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Malostranska beseda let us say the original Malostranska city hall is late renaissance building in Prague 1, which is situated on Malostranske square No. 21 in the center of Mala Strana. The ex-city hall serve for many years as a social and music hall. It is one of the cultural centers in Mala Strana, which was and is still located on the old Royal route and the new tourist route that leads from the Gothic Powder Tower to the magnificent Charles Bridge and then to Lesser Town Square, Malostranská Beseda has had a fortunate location for centuries, which has only added to its overwhelming popularity.

In 1257 Přemysl Otakar II. established under Prague castle "Nové město pražské" (New Town of Prague). He drove out all czech citizens and brought in german colonists. When Charles the 4th established his "Nové město" (New Town), the original one was renamed into Menší město (Smaller Town), later into Malá strana (Small Side). The representatives of the town were meeting in original Church of St. Nicolas, later they built City Hall in the middle of the square, but it was destroyed few years later. The other City Hall developed from old house, which they got from the writer Václav from Bítov. It was on Malostranska square as well. There was the City hall until 1478.

The City Hall functioned as the headquarters for 11 Concilers and the Mayor, plus provided space for the imperial magistrate and clerk to administrate and to judge civil and criminal cases, to make decisions about oprhan placement and other things. Later in 1575 the building entered history books when the so called Czech Confession, a document written by Czech non-Catholic opposition as a basis for the talks in which they required religious freedom, was written in it. After centuries as a city hall, a fiscal office, a tax archive and a political prison, the building then in 1868 became an important cultural center and offered a wide range of cultural activities. Apart from its role as a cultural center in the city of Prague Malostranska Beseda was also considered a architectural jewel.

From 2006 to December 2009 was the building of Malostranska Beseda in reconstruction. In September 2008 were after 180 years set cupolas on the 3 towers (like the originals). The look is now like in 17th century. The highest cupola is 6,5 meters high.

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